Lauri Lyster





Lauri Lyster is a versatile musician, equally at home playing classical, jazz or ethnic percussion and drum set. She is a percussionist with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, a long-time member of the lauded Celtic and Medieval ensemble Winter Harp, and has worked with jazz bands, chamber ensembles, dance groups and recorded for television and film. In 2012 Lauri wrote the one-woman play The Drummer Girl, a musical featuring her on drums and percussion, with a band and with comedic anecdotes about life as a female drummer.  She created Keyboard Klub to teach group piano and The Joyful Djembe to teach drumming and percussion in the school system.  Lauri moved to Victoria in October of 2020 and has been busy integrating herself in the musical community, doing a percussion workshop at SMUS for young adults, playing traditional jazz drum set in local bands CanUS and Hoppin’ Mad, and more recently playing with the Victoria Symphony. She loves teaching group drumming and percussion and believes that we all have rhythm, and EVERYBODY can drum. 

Friends of Music Society, 2020

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