Return of the Metal Queens

May 15, 1993
Performance Art, Cabarets, Fundraisers

About the Program

In September 1993, grunt hosted the Queer Series in conjunction with Western Front. As part of the larger Queer City—a two month festival of Vancouver Queer Culture—eleven nights of performance were showcased. grunt hosted Return of the Metal Queens, a heavy metal drag party, as a benefit for the series and featuring performance and music. Performers included Annastacia McDonald, Archer Pechawis, Bill Rennie, Carlotta, Cliff Red Crow, Elizabeth Fischer, Emily Faryna, Helen Back, Lotta Love, Methadone With Love Whip, Oliv, Patty Stacker, and Stan Lake. Tickets for voyeurs/those in improper attire were $12 and for exhibitionists/those in heavy metal drag were $5.


1993.0515 RET
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