Masque of the Red Death

October 30 – November 30, 1991
Performance Art, Installation

About the Program

Masque of the Red Death was a collaboration between grunt and Public Dreams of a multimedia performance production based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story of the same title. In this version, produced during the height of the AIDS crisis, seven artists were commissioned to develop installations addressing levels of denial within our culture. Public Dreams then commissioned individual artists to produce performances in each of the rooms, based on the artists’ themes; the audience participated in the event by becoming the guests that attended Prince Prospero's ball. Many participated through all nine performances. Masque was an important milestone for grunt for a host of reasons. It was the largest project we had ever produced and it changed the way we did things. Because it included a full-scale renovation of a 5,000-square-foot warehouse space that fully complied with permitting, fire code and zoning laws, it really tested the limits of both organizations. It was an important lesson in dealing with city hall and the regulators, and we learned a lot through it. More importantly it served as an introduction to the First Nations community, working with Archer Pechawis, Aiyyana Maracle, and Donald Morin. It started a relationship between grunt and the First Nations community that exists to this day. Also, the mix of grunt and Public Dreams started a relationship that has reaped bounties for this type of work.


Administrative Assistant: Merle Addison
Artistic and Animation Director: Paula Jardine
Artistic Director and Curator: Glenn Alteen
Carpenters: Kempton Dexter, Lajos Jakab, Aiyyana Maracle, Brian Mount
Choreographer: Margaret Dragu
Construction Manager: Aiyyana Maracle
Costume Designer and Stage Manager: Margaret Knight
Desktop Publisher: Anne Jew
Electrician: Gordon LaLonde
Managing Director: Glenn Lewis
Marketing Co-ordinator: Gary Ouimet
Musical Director: Mark Douglas
Poster Art: Carel Moiseiwitsch
Project Manager: Elspeth Sage
Publicist: Anne McDonell
Puppet Maker: Johanne Gallipeau
Site Designer: Lynne Gilroy
Site Director: Aiyyana Maracle
Technical Director: Archer Pechawis
The project was supported by the work of over 120 volunteers


1991.1030 MAS
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