Oh no my mother is coming for a visit, negative 28

Raven Courtney
September 11, 1993

object image

Creative Access Description

Black and white landscape image of two people standing on a low stage. On the right is a young Indigenous person with tan skin and a mass of dark voluminous hair that hangs past their shoulders and mostly obscures their face. They wear a light coloured low cut tank top tucked into skinny black jeans and black high top sneakers. They are holding a rolled up white towel in their left hand and extending their right hand outward toward their counterpart, an Ojibwe person with dark black hair tied back under a light coloured baseball hat with a dark brim. This person wears a dark coloured hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up, dark coloured gym shorts and no shoes. They lean forward, kissing the outstretched hand while holding it in both of their hands.
The set around the two is decorated as a small living room. To the left of the frame a boom box and corded telephone sit atop a clear acrylic box flanked by a standing mirror. A light coloured bedsheet is hung across the back corner of the stage next to a low squishy looking couch. Above the couch three posters are hung in a row: on the left a Madonna poster features a close up of the pop star voguing in a white dress. The centre poster is another Madonna poster featuring an image of Madonna naked in bed shot from above. The final poster is for a movie, its title, Return of the Bulge, is printed above an image of a sexy muscular man wearing white briefs with a prominent bulge, cropped to show the man from the chest to the thighs. In the foreground is a small table with a slim flower vase and a small bottle sitting on it.


Documentation of Oh no my mother is coming for a visit. Raven Courtney and Franklin Doss are pictured onstage performing. 


1993.0911 OHN I004


1 35mm negative


Merle Addison


Franklin Doss

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