Inertia, negative 5A

Michelle Thrush
September 19, 1992

object image

Creative Access Description

Black and white landscape oriented image of a Cree woman dancing. She stands on her left leg, leaning forward at her waist with her head raised staring intently toward the audience. Her right leg is extended behind her, raised and bent with her foot above the level of her head, casting an elegant shadow on the white wall of the gallery. Her arms are outstretched like a wingspan from her shoulders. She is barefoot and wears a dark coloured sleeveless unitard with a low cut neck. Her long dark hair hangs in a number of strands braided together with light coloured ribbons. Additional ribbons are affixed to her body suit and hang vertically from her frame. To her right and behind her a man with long dark hair sits at three conga drums, playing a vertical woodwind instrument, possibly a Shakuhachi flute. He is largely obscured by the shadow at the edge of the spot light on the woman. The camera is angled slightly, such that the floor appears to gently slope down to the right.


Documentation of Inertia. Michelle Thrush and Joseph Danza are pictured onstage performing. 


1992.0919 INE I003


1 35mm negative


Merle Addison


Joseph Danza

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