First Nations Performance Series Cabaret, negative 32

September 10, 1992

object image

Creative Access Description

Black and white portrait oriented image of an Indigenous person with dark hair in an updo performing. They wear a tiger print jacket with a hanging fringe, a leopard print layered skirt with pleats and black high heel shoes. They have a number of rings on their fingers and crystal pendant earrings. They strike a dynamic pose, with a fierce expression on their face as they sing into a standing microphone held close to their lips with their right hand. Their left arm extends backward from their body with splayed fingers and their left leg is raised off the ground in a high step, the motion blurring it somewhat in the photograph. In the background are the white walls of the gallery space, along with the elbow of some interior piping overhead emerging from the shadow of the ceiling.


Documentation of the First Nations Performance Series Cabaret. Iris is pictured onstage performing. 


1992.0910 CAB I007


1 35mm negative


Merle Addison




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