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Kiss 'n Tell
Kiss and Tell


Artist Collective


Kiss & Tell is an artistic collective based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Members include Persimmon Blackbridge, Lizard Jones, and Susan Stewart. The group formed out of a larger meeting of feminists in 1984 who had gathered to discuss pornography, erotica, and sexual representation in art. The collective's work frequently addresses issues of censorship and lesbian sexual politics. The group's major production was the interactive photographic exhibition Drawing the Line, which launched in 1989 and toured for several years afterwards. The exhibition consisted of a series of 98 photographs taken by Susan Stewart with Lizard Jones and Persimmon Blackbridge as models, depicting a range of lesbian sexual practices. A postcard book Drawing the Line: Lesbian Sexual Politics on the Wall, featuring 40 images and comments from the exhibition, was published by Press Gang Publishers in 1991. The group's second book, Her Tongue on my Theory: Images, Essays and Fantasies (1994) was the recipient of a Lambda Literary Award in 1995. The group has also produced performance pieces, including True Inversions (1992), images from which are contained in the book Her Tongue on my Theory and That Long Distance Feeling: Perverts, Politics & Prozac (1997).

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