David Garneau



Artist, Curator, Educator, Writer


David Garneau (Métis) is a Professor of Visual Arts at the University of Regina. He is a painter, curator, and critical art writer who engages creative expressions of Indigenous contemporary ways of being. Garneau curated Kahwatsiretátie: The Contemporary Native Art Biennial (Montreal, 2020) with assistance from Faye Mullen and rudi aker; co-curated, with Kathleen Ash Milby, Transformer: Native Art in Light and Sound, National Museum of the American Indian, New York (2017); With Secrecy and Despatch, with Tess Allas, an international exhibition about massacres of Indigenous people, and memorialization, for the Campbelltown Art Centre, Sydney, Australia (2016); and Moving Forward, Never Forgetting, with Michelle LaVallee, an exhibition concerning the legacies of Indian Residential Schools, other forms of aggressive assimilation, and (re)conciliation, at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina (2015).

Recent essays include: “From Indian to Indigenous: Temporary Pavilion to Sovereign Display Territories,” In Search of Expo 67, 2020 and “Electric Beads: On Indigenous Digital Formalism,” Visual Anthropology Review, 2018. Garneau has given keynotes in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and throughout Canada on issues such as: mis/appropriation; re/conciliation; public art; museum displays; and Indigenous contemporary art. His performance, Dear John, featuring the spirit of Louis Riel meeting with John A. Macdonald statues, was presented in Regina, Kingston, and Ottawa. David recently installed a large public art work, the Tawatina Bridge paintings, in Edmonton. His paintings are in numerous public and private collections. In 2023, he was awarded the Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts: Outstanding Achievement.

Gallery Gavik, 2024

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