Christine Taylor


Alternate Names

Christine Taylor Fearing


Artist, Writer


Christine Taylor Fearing (she/they) is a Canadian comedian, writer, feminist, advocate, and Mount Saint Vincent University alum. She identifies as neurodivergent, with diagnoses of profound dyslexia with scotopic sensitivity (a severe visual processing deficit that includes being sensitive to light and black-and-white text). She reads at a grade three to five grade level without assistive technology. Christine, a Generation X'er, did not receive a holistic dyslexia diagnosis until 2014, a requirement for entering university. In the 1970s and 1980s, dyslexia was poorly understood, leading to inaccurate labels like "born gifted but brain damaged at birth," "lazy," and "defiant." These labels had a traumatic impact on her. Even today, many individuals remain undiagnosed or inefficiently diagnosed. Nevertheless, Christine's neurodivergent journey continues as the field of neurodiversity evolves.

While in high school, Christine began working professionally in theater, film, and comedy. Mentored by Canadian comedy troupe, CODCO, she co-founded Corey and Wade’s Playhouse (with Rick Mercer, Andrew Younghusband, and Ashley Billard). This marked the start of her lifelong career of challenging traditional gender roles through theater, circus, movies, and television. Her gritty, truth-speaking power earned her the title “The Iggy Pop of Comedy” from The Globe and Mail. Moving to British Columbia, she engaged with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, collaborating with storytellers, musicians, and circus artists. She performed at renowned venues like The Kit Kat Club in NYC and The Penn and Teller show in Las Vegas, and was crowned “The Canadian Ambassador to Burning Man” by founder Larry Harvey.

Mount Saint Vincent University Alumni, 2024