Lisa C. Ravensbergen



Actor, Artist, Curator, Dancer, Director, Educator, Writer


Lisa C. Ravensbergen is an established multi-disciplinary creator, and writer, and also works across Turtle Island as a Jessie-nominated actor and dramaturge, director, and dancer. A tawny mix of Ojibwe/Swampy Cree and English/Irish, Ravensbergen resides on unceded Coast Salish territory in Vancouver, BC. She supplements her eclectic theatre practice with the delights of motherhood and the challenges of self-produced works. Ravensbergen is an Associate Artist with Full Circle and Playwright-in-Residence with Delinquent Theatre. She holds undergraduate degrees from TWU and SFU and an MA in Cultural Studies from Queens.

Adapted from Independent Curators International, 2020


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