Annie Frazier


Alternate Names

Annie Frazier Henry


Artist, Author, Director, Producer


“I am constantly exploring new ways of making the old stories relevant to a modern generation,” says Annie Fraziér Henry, a BC-based filmmaker, composer and writer of Siksiká (Blackfoot)/Sioux/French descent who’s been active since the 1990s. Her award-winning work has screened at the American Indian Film Festival, Sundance, Hot Docs and other festivals, and her credits include Totem Talk (1997), Legends sxwexwxiy’am: The Story of Siwash Rock (1999), and Singing Our Stories (1998), a rich history of Indigenous women’s music featuring performances by Walela, Ulali, the Monk-Sanders Family Singers, the Zuni Olla Maidens and the ’Namgis Traditional Singers. Producer credits include the 2009 feature drama Kissed by Lightning.

NFB, 2023

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