Paolo Ravalico Scerri





I have started working on the concept of circularity of the television media, a dynamics I was symbolizing within video monitors or video projections with circular images realized with liquid painting (video painting) creating installation-performances. Sometimes with aerial transmissions via television broadcasting stations; the circularities were connected to global diffusion. Later I started working on the relationship between society and media. I use video to narrate a momentary excerpt of reality, frozen in a short frame and repeated, sometimes even slowed down; like a mirror that reflects the intimacy of everyday life. I narrate people from little details, from simple and elementary desires. My images, almost stills, are a concentrated notion of the idea of movement, gesture, thought; they do not relate to the common notion about television. The mass medium becomes a container of ideas that are expressed singularly. So the video becomes a drawing in movement and the video still becomes a drawing too....The time of perception of my interventions/installations becomes also personal, it belongs to the viewer. The television is a pretext to talk about people because it is the media which uses and transforms people. Identification of identity. Television stories become an extension of life, substituting and integrating the everyday life of the spectators, in a similar way my work enters and re-enters the lives of people who lend her/himself to the gameā€¦ and the circularity is closed. Currently I am working mainly on the concept of personal and collective identity, on the intimate relationship of a man with himself, as well as the different communities amongst themselves. I started from the most personal, intimate realm to draw near the "other", something which is close to me, something which surrounds me.

In recent years I began analysing the relation between nature and human kind, where music and in particular opera singing can be a sort of link between them. Leaving technology to rediscover poetics, like the singing of birds. I think it is necessary to bring back poetics in contemporary art, using it to praise or blame contemporary society.

Paolo Ravalico Scerri, 2011

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