Rosamond Norbury



Artist, Photographer


Rosamond Norbury is a Vancouver photographer with a background in printmaking. Despite being a direct descendant of Lady Godiva and being born in India, Rosamond Norbury’s roots are planted firmly in British Columbia. If you’re born in the Himalayas and schooled in Paris, France, how could you not grow up to be a photographer of cowboys? Her acclaimed first book Behind the Chutes: The mystique of the Rodeo Cowboy profiles the men who live up to the legends of the Wild West. It was nominated for the ALA/ YALSA best books for young adults in 1994. Her work has appeared in Canadian Art and Saturday Night. Using two separate printing plates to give a duotone effect takes the black and white print far beyond the photographic process to produce a richness not found in traditional black and white imagery.

Art Works Gallery, 2023

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