Suzo Hickey





Suzo Hickey is a painter and multidisciplinary artist living in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. She was raised in Prince Rupert and has returned after 45 years in Kamloops and Vancouver. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 1994, and since that time has exhibited around BC and the United States on themes of queer mothering, relocation, and death in the family. Recently, Suzo’s work has been the urban landscape. After constructing many shows around issues, she began examining the formal, enigmatic power of what was around her: ​"We get comfortable with power lines and ordinary houses in less-than-picturesque communities, and this might be where we see ourselves most clearly. When I looked more closely at what was around me, I saw its importance and its beauty. Tourists are not visiting these streets, but this is where we live. There are no iconic buildings, and no landmarks. They are the houses we build for ourselves, they are the trees we choose to plant—deserving of reverence."

Suzo Hickey, 2023

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