Irene Loughlin



Artist, Educator, Writer


Irene Loughlin is a neurodivergent artist, writer, and academic instructor. Her art functions as both alarm and affirmation by resisting neuro-ableism and advocating for change. Throughout the pandemic, she was absorbed in creating drawings for a performance art graphic novel during an ‘At Home’ residency sponsored by FADO. She further developed an interest in using AI as an adaptive technology. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including photographic works at the Westbeth Gallery in New York at the conference Transforming Community: Disability, Diversity and Access and 7a11d Toronto. She also participated in the Encuentro Corpoliticas working group in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2007, her work was presented at the New York University Performance Studies International Conference, where she spoke on the subject of disability, pain and performance from a neurodivergent perspective.

Irene Loughlin, 2024

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