Kim Soo Goodtrack



Artist, Author, Educator


Kim Soo Goodtrack is an artist and educator. She is a member of the Lakota Woodmountain reserve in Southern Saskatchewan. Her Great Grandmother walked to Woodmountain with Sitting Bull and their people in 1877, where she remained, and her daughter was born. Kim’s Lakota name is Wichapi Wi (Star Woman). It was given to her by Joe Flyingby while at Issac Dog Eagle’s Sundance on Little Eagle Reserve in South Dakota.

Kim taught school for over 24 years in one capacity or another. She taught art to 150 children a week for several years, and to adults in continuing education. She was invited to give special presentations for 15 years to an all-boys private high school. Kim was the Cultural Enrichment Worker for Vancouver’s inner-city schools for three years, and also visited each school in Vancouver to do storytelling for grades K-7. Along with participating in several art exhibits across Canada, Kim Soo Goodtrack created several books and 91 children’s TV shows. Her book The ABC’s of our Spiritual Connection won the Children’s Choice Award and was seen on Sesame Street.

Through her practice and her work as an educator, Kim Soo Goodtrack shares her culture: the rich artistic wealth, along with the painful history. Kim believes that we have to share the bad with the good. It took Kim a lifetime to understand what happened to her as a child, and to heal from these painful childhood experiences. She held onto the good to do so. Kim shares this experience with others so they can know things do get better. 

Kim Soo Goodtrack, 2023

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