Bill Rennie


Alternate Names

William Donald Rennie




Bill Rennie, born in Surrey, BC, was a distinct multifaceted character whose aesthetic and activist objectives were enacted through architectural clay constructs as descriptive vehicles for his worldview. He achieved a degree in Education at UBC, and then a diploma from the Vancouver School of Art. He established studios wherever he could find a place to live and work in the downtown core of Vancouver, and became very involved in artist-run galleries like the Pitt and grunt gallery. Rennie had many axes to grind—housing, gay rights, cultural ignorance—and he curated or participated in many exhibits supporting LGBTQ rights. His work and performances were theatrical and provocative. His activist work included volunteering as Treasurer/President for the Vancouver School of Art's Student Society, on the Board of Directors at Pitt International Galleries, and as an advocate for ACE: Artists for Creative Environments and for CORE: Artist Live Work Co-op.

Adapted from Craft Archive, 2023

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