Emily Faryna



Artist, Musician


Emily Faryna is a solo multi-format Vancouver artist, whose visionary digital mythics have been obscured by Canada’s under-documented vintage cassette scene. Ambitious, singular, forward-thinking, powerful, intense, and prodigious. By 1984, she was working under the Mo Da Mu records label out of British Columbia in Canada. Her debut album, I've Got A Steel Bar In My Head (Mo Da Mu 10), was released that year. A sophomore offering followed in 1985 titled Neat And Tidy In Your Mind (Mo Da Mu 15) and 5 years later a third tape called The Return Of The Repressed was released on Spiral records. Her conical prose hovers darkly through whole work minor-key delirium, brewing the magnetic urgency coursing through its self-producing ether; a last, desperate attempt to convince the world that the mind’s ailments exist on the outside. It’s a gateway drug into the underbelly of a hyper intimate experimental underground torn from the pages of Neuromancer and, to me, the flagship vehicle for the vanguard of fringe-Canada.

Adapted from NTS, 2024