Marlene Madison


Alternate Names

Marlene Madison Plimley


Artist, Producer, Writer


Marlene MadisonĀ is an artist, writer, and cultural events producer. Since graduating from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, her works have been performed, screened, and exhibited at galleries and festivals across Canada, in the USA, Mexico, and Europe. The focus of her practice has been on brand and consumer culture, and her satirical works have often straddled the divide between high art and popular culture. In the late aughts, Madison broke from her practice to head up the Cultural Olympiad Visual Arts program and its festivals for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. She has since produced and curated large scale cultural projects, most recently working on the first phase of the Blue Cabin floating artist residency project. Madison is also a festival emcee. She spent a few years moonlighting as a fashion videographer and had a very active side hustle as a designer for print media. She has illustrated for select publications and organizations, and pens a small cartoon.

Marlene Madison, 2023

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