Corey Bulpitt





Corey Bulpitt, also known as Taakeit Aaya or "Gifted Carver" by the Haida of the Naikun Raven clan, was born in Prince Rupert, BC. He is the great-great-grandson of famed artist Charles Edenshaw (1839-1920) and prolific argillite carver Louis Collison (1881-1970). Bulpitt is an avid painter, jeweller, and wood and argillite carver who has enjoyed exploring many different mediums. He experiments with contemporary media and design elements and uses spray paint to create large-scale graffiti-style paintings involving urban youth in Vancouver, incorporating traditional Haida formline. As a member of the Beat Nation Live arts collective, Corey's contemporary graffiti art pieces can be seen in many museums, festivals, and urban landscapes. In 2010, Bulpitt assisted Klatle Bhi in crafting a 30-foot pole for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In 2017, he received the BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art for Artistic Excellence in both traditional and contemporary visual art. Bulpitt is a board member of the Bill Reid Foundation.

Fazakas Gallery, 2024

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