Patrick Kennedy



Artist, Designer, Educator


Patrick is an artist and interior designer currently living in Torrington, Connecticut, USA. His design education was in London, England and he has done design work internationally. His teaching in the design field has been in Canada and the US, with the past 16 years at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. He has shown his art in Canada and the US. 

“Alchemy and visual stimulation have always been a focus of my work. Transformation is a fascination—mixing materials, elements and concepts resulting in something different, hopefully something provocative, and sometimes a variation on proven techniques, creating new and varied solutions. With a background in design, my work is frequently graphic and sometimes dramatic—intended to speak for itself to each viewer. My work is varied—including the use of wax in encaustic painting and often mixed with other elements, which allows for different forms of transformation through manipulation, to fuel my curiosity in creating an alchemical marriage of disparate materials.”

Patrick Kennedy, 2024