Harold Coego



Artist, Designer, Writer


Harold Coego is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist born in Havana, Cuba, who works with a wide range of creative disciplines. He has sculpted in Vancouver’s film industry, as well as set designed, light arranged, storyboarded, and written scripts for the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography. He conducted similar work in theatre while working with the international acclaimed “Obstacle Theatre” in Havana. Prior to his work in the theatre, Coego worked as an archaeology assistant and paint restoration assistant for the Office of Habana Historian, where he touched up paintings that dated back to 1560. As an artist who developed his skills outside of academia and through experience, Coego's style is eclectic and influenced by the different artists and practices he has worked with. His work has been exhibited since 2004 in Vancouver and has been featured in shows that span from the southern interior city of Vernon, BC to the American state of New York, and across the ocean in Romania and Italy, as well as Cuba.

Adapted from Massy Books, 2020

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