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Born in Uruguay in 1969, Erika Toliusis was from a young age exploring the complex shapes and infinite, everchanging shades and rhythms of nature. It started with pencils and paper, to evolve through the years into a unique, consistent and detailed technique, using no other tool than a palette knife while exploiting the generosity of oil paint. Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, she works from her home-studio to create the delicate and detailed land and seascapes that are now shown internationally. These works come to life after instinctively putting together the puzzle of millions of fragmented pieces of light and color that get rearranged onto the canvas. “There is no complete control of what I try to create on the canvas”, the artist says, as each work ends up with its own personality. Numerous travels around the world are key to the artist’s inspiration, not only by bringing the images to the studio, but also defining her as a person, having absorbed the many different aspects of various cultures and landscapes. Mainly self-taught, the artist process is one that naturally came to be, like a flower that opens to the sun in the morning, and not so much a pursue of a style or a struggle to achieve something. For over 30 years, Erika’s work has fed the observer with a sense of “abundance,” of vibrant richness, one she desires to protect and embrace.

Erika Toliusis, 2024

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