Roy Green


Alternate Names

Roy Albert Green


Artist, Curator, Musician, Writer


Since graduating from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1984, Roy Green has exhibited nationally and internationally. He describes his work as ‘channel-surfing with a paintbrush,’ as images and icons co-mingle on the decorated rectangle, creating an oasis of contemplation and visual reverie. Elements of abstraction and text collide with figurative references from art history and popular culture. He has explored photography, painting/drawing, video, installation, and poetry/performance art. He has worked in the artist community as curator for artist-run centers in Victoria and Vancouver. Roy Green has been a founding member of poetry/performance groups such as Jiswopp and Bad Sculpture. Recently he was a member of painting/drawing collectives the Polka Dot Octopus and the Gang of Four, and currently he is one half of the drawing collective The Kelly Green Collective with PJ Kelly. He also has an electronic music project called Apple Pipe.

Xchanges Gallery, 2017

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