Brian Lynch





Brian Lynch was a prominent and well-loved player in Vancouver's arts community. Lynch was a long-time photographer of erotica and founder of both Exposure Gallery and Artists For Creative Environments (ACE), a group that protested city closures of artists' spaces in the 1980s and pushed for the changing of laws to allow for live/work studios. Brian Lynch was a political refugee from the United States to Canada during the turbulent sixties. His vision expressed several cultural and sub-cultural roots. Born in Oakdale, California in 1944, he had fine art education at several American colleges and universities, but he considered his best teachers to be "experience and the heart." Lynch had successful showing of his work, including the acclaimed Homo Erotica show at grunt gallery and the Recent Portraits exhibit at the Firehall Theatre Gallery in Vancouver, BC.

Adapted from grunt gallery and Sign of the Times, 1987