Tracy Williams


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Tracy Williams' ancestral name is Sesemiya and she is a member of the Skwxwu7mesh (Squamish) Nation. She is very interested in ALL things Coast Salish; traditional ecological knowledge; Skwxwu7mesh snichem (language); and cultural revitalization. Williams been a basket weaver for over 20 years and descends from a long line of weavers. As such, she has intensively pursued her passion for a deep understanding of plants, animal fibres, foraging for wild food, spinning wild fibres, and learning how to read her traditional landscape from the perspective of a “Gatherer.” She is far from the life that her Skwxwumesh Ancestors have walked—and yet, bit by bit—she is rediscovering the value of fire; her unique relationship to plants and how they transform into food, fibre, or medicine; and the depth of knowledge that lays in the ocean. She has come back home to the Land, to her secrets and mysteries that have only begun to reveal themselves to her. And it is for this reason that she seeks the pathway of a Salish Gatherer.

Nu chexw kw’átchnexw kwétsi sḵel̓áw̓? // Can you See Beaver?, 2024

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