Donald Morin



Actor, Musician, Artist


Gros Ventre, Sarcee, Cree, Assinibone, Ojibwa, and French performer/media artist Donald Morin was hired for the Aboriginal Arts Festivals Yellowhead Brewery held in Edmonton, 2008. Donald worked for Monroe Communications as an actor on a web based project called The Law Project. He also was involved with Rebecca Belmore for two of her national and international projects as a performing artist. In 2007 he studied and worked with Gunargie O’Sullivan during the Ten Day Intensive of The Activist Documentary Film Workshop School of the Galiano Island Film and Television in British Columbia. He also helps produce and creates the audio programs for Coop Radio’s Community Radio programs When Spirit Whispers and Snewaylh Language program with Cohost/producer Gunargie O’Sullivan.

Isuma, 2010

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