Kay Slater



Artist, Educator, Organizer

Roles at grunt

Exhibitions Manager (April 2019)


Kay's artistic practice explores value as it relates to process and expectations. Multidisciplinary means that they work in a variety of ways to make and produce work; such as illustration, paper and cardboard sculpture, photography, videography, writing, and discussion. An example is their annual, self-directed residency every October. In 2023, they produced a blogOpens in new window to share their daily process and research on automation, AI, and creativity. In prior years, they produced an object daily using an automatic practice and posted the product of these explorations on instagramOpens in new window. They enjoy creating and maintaining spaces where people can explore, learn, experience, fail, feel, and create!

Kay is queer, white, and hard of hearing. They use They/Their/Theirs pronouns exclusively online (cyberspace), and will begrudgingly accept the use of fluid pronouns, in meatspace. Meatspace is another way to describe physical or non-digital environments. They are both passionate and reclusive. They identify as mad, both angry at ableism and as a survivor of mental illness. They cannot hear you in busy spaces and would prefer to communicate in writing.

Kay subscribes to the philosophy of the New Sincerity, which is a philosophy or trend that tries to expand upon and break away from concepts of postmodernist irony. It also strives to “be more awesome”.

Kay Slater, 2024

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Tactile Residency 2022-2023 (Coordinator)

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