Bérangère Parizeau


Alternate Names

Bérangère Maïa Natasha Parizeau


Artist, Author, Director, Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer


Bérangère Maïa Natasha Parizeau is an international multidisciplinary artist, photographer, director, writer, ecologist, yogini, and activist for the evolution of human consciousness. She holds an MFA from the prestigious California College of the Arts and another MFA from the University of British Columbia in Asia-Pacific Policy Studies. Her “prayerformances” of multidisciplinary sacred art—a concept that she created and then realized in several countries, are the subject of her book Neirika, The Destined Visionary Aeon (2011), translated into French, German, and Polish. Her short film Memory Theater, which recounts the experience of her mother, the sole survivor of a plane crash, had its premiere at the Black Film Festival in San Francisco in 2007, then was presented in the official selection of several festivals in the United States, Africa, and Europe.

With a working knowledge of Mandarin, Bérangère is the director of a Canada-China co-production, a documentary on the Naxi Dongba people of southwest China. She is currently collaborating on this film, which explores the sacred relationship of the Naxi Dongba to nature and their adaptation to climate change, with Ms. Lidejing, director of the Naxi Dongba Research Institute in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China. Bérangère has exhibited his multidisciplinary art in Montreal (Galerie Espace, 2023), as well as in San Francisco (Galerie BASH, 2015), in Vancouver (Performance Art Biennale, Galerie Gachet, 2003), and elsewhere. In 2023, the eminent critic and philosopher of contemporary art, André Seleanu, member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), published an enthusiastic review of her art.

Adapted from Possibles, 2024

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