One Night Only



Artist Collective


One Night Only was a Regina-based performance art collective consisting of members Blair Fornwald, Tanis Keiner, and Anna Scott. Working together in the spirit of collaboration, members of the collective conceived of individual gestures that responded to the social, political, or poetical resonances of specific sites. Formed in Regina in 2002, the collective had also included artists Adam Budd (2002-2006), Felipe Diaz (2002-2008), Allan Dotson (2002), and Tammy McGrath (2002-2004). One Night Only performed at venues across Canada including Neutral Ground (Regina, 2002, 2004), LIVE Festival (Vancouver, 2003), Fado Performance (Toronto, 2004), Struts Gallery (Sackville, 2004), The New Gallery (Calgary, 2005), The University of Regina Fine Arts Subscription Series (Regina, 2006), The MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina, 2006, 2008), and Latitude 53 (Edmonton, 2006). Their last performance together was in 2009.

AKA artist-run, 2009

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