Joseph Danza


Alternate Names

Pepe Danza


Artist, Musician


Joseph 'Pepe' Danza is an Uruguayan born musician presently residing in Israel. Occasionally  having been called by the media “Extreme Multi-Instrumentalist” and the “Embodiment of World Music”, He has had the honour of being nominated in Canada for countless awards as a performer, recording artist, and composer for theatre, dance, and documentary films.

Joseph is presently teaching Yoga, Meditation, Percussion and Shakuhachi privately, at Prana Yoga College in Tel Aviv, and internationally.

Joseph lives from the deep conviction and experience of the fact that Music is a powerful transformative force, and that Humanity and our dear Planet Earth are ready for a shift to a higher frequency. He believes Music plays a major role in that shift, and he is here to serve that Work, in whatever way, whichever place he is called.

Adapted from Joseph Danza, 2019

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